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L'shon Hatorah

Workbook Hay (ה)

Workbook Hay (ה)

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Hebrew Workbook Hay (ה)

Master the fundamentals of Hebrew grammar with our comprehensive workbook. Our workbook, designed for elementary grades 5-8, covers essential skills through a variety of word drills and exercises.
  • Teaches הוה (present tense) & צווי (imperative/command) forms of verbs with special emphasis on their application in תנ״ך.
  • Reviews עבר & עתיד (Workbooks ד & ג)
  • Recommended for Grades 5-8, High School, & Adult Education.

This workbook is popular among:

  • Yeshiva middle schools
  • Jewish homeschoolers
  • Anyone who wants to learn the foundation of Hebrew grammar
  • Micro-schools running a Jewish curriculum

The answer key for this workbook is available to customers upon request. 

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