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Rabbi Yehuda Winder, previously a Rebbi at the Bais Medrash Chofetz Chaim in Israel, returned to America and found himself presented with an opportunity at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe: a position as a first-grade Rebbi. Seeking a recommendation from Rabbi Landesman, he received a somewhat cautious response from Rav Henoch Lebowitz (ZT’L): “I am confident in his ability to teach at the Bais Medrash level, but I am uncertain about his capacity to instruct first graders.” Nevertheless, the need for a teacher was pressing, and Rabbi Winder was hired.

Upon commencing his role, Rabbi Winder learned that the curriculum being used is where students memorize phrases and repeat over what their Rebbi said. He believed in a different methodology: one that focused on fostering skills and comprehension regarding the origins of words. This approach was rooted in the teachings of the Chofetz Chaim yeshivos, and he was interested in implementing it at the first-grade level.

To achieve this, Rabbi Winder worked to understand the meaning behind words.

He chose to teach the Parshas Lech Lecha, rich in prefixes, suffixes, and verbs. Many of the grammatical rules were not clearly defined, but he set out to create a series of workbooks with codified rules. His method involved having students memorize the “shoresh” or root of a word separately and then understand how prefixes and suffixes could modify its meaning. Importantly, he utilized words directly from the Torah, providing students with a solid foundation of language skills. This approach allowed for gradual progression as students advanced through different grade levels, making Hebrew a more familiar and native tongue.

The success of Rabbi Winder’s method was undeniable, and it has since become the standard Hebrew grammar curriculum in many Jewish schools. Inspired by his story, individuals seeking to learn Hebrew or teach it to others can now purchase the L’Shon HaTorah series of workbooks, which are designed to aid in the teaching of the fundamentals of Hebrew Grammar and basic vocabulary. These workbooks, created by Rabbi Winder himself, offer a unique and effective approach to learning the Hebrew language.

Rabbi Yehuda and Goldie Winder currently live in Queens, NY, and can be reached using the contact information.

More About The Lshon Hatorah Series

The Lshon Hatorah series stands as an invaluable resource crafted with the explicit purpose of facilitating the comprehensive learning of Hebrew Grammar and foundational vocabulary. Specifically tailored for effective teaching, these meticulously designed workbooks are geared towards enabling students to acquire essential skills crucial for accurate and fluent translation.

Within the framework of the Lshon Hatorah series, the primary objective is to empower students with the proficiency needed to translate Hebrew text with precision and ease. One of the key methodologies employed in achieving this goal involves a meticulous exploration of the meanings embedded in the prefixes and suffixes commonly found in Hebrew words. This strategic approach serves to equip students with a profound understanding of linguistic structures, enabling them to decipher even the most intricate words within a relatively short period.

By immersing students in the intricacies of prefixes and suffixes, the Lshon Hatorah series lays a robust foundation for language acquisition. Through this method, students not only grasp the rudiments of Hebrew Grammar but also cultivate the ability to navigate through complex vocabulary efficiently. The ultimate outcome is a well-rounded linguistic proficiency that empowers students to engage with Hebrew texts with confidence, accuracy, and fluency.

In essence, the Lshon Hatorah series emerges as a comprehensive and effective tool for those seeking to master Hebrew Grammar and enhance their language skills through a targeted and structured approach.