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L'shon Hatorah

Yiddish: Workbook Gimmel (ג)

Yiddish: Workbook Gimmel (ג)

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Yiddish: Hebrew Workbook Gimmel (ג)

This is the Yiddish version of our Workbook ג covering the fundamentals of Hebrew grammar. This workbook, designed for elementary grades 3 - 6, covers essential skills through various word drills and exercises.

  • Teaches the future tense subjective prefixes & suffixes
  • Reviews the object suffixes taught from Workbook ב and applies them to future tense verbs
  • Teaches וו ההפוך which converts future tense verbs to past tense in תנ״ך
  • Builds basic תנ״ך vocabulary of verbs
  • Recommended for grades 3 – 6

This workbook is popular among:

Yiddish-speaking student classrooms/schools
Yiddish-speaking children in homeschools
Anyone who wants to learn the foundation of Hebrew grammar (instructions in Yiddish)

The answer key for this workbook is available to customers upon request.
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